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Send us your finished script. Once received, our industry writers will evaluate your work. After their review (coverage), if your script receives a “Recommend” rating it will be sent immediately to our producers!

We are always looking for great stories to tell.  Yours could be next!

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Focus on a good story

Be sure to focus on developing the characters and story. DO NOT focus on getting a good review/rating because that should not be your goal. Any script or screenplay can be made into a movie. But will the movie be commercially successful? We want to help you reach your goal. We want to work with you as a team!

Producing your script

Should you receive a “Pass” rating, we will explain to you why, and also suggest how to improve your screenplay. You can resubmit your corrected script within 30 days. Once you have a script with a “Recommend” rating, we go to work with you to get your story produced!


Our professional readers will leave detailed notes on a  PDF copy of your script.

We will review all genres but we prefer character based stories.

Our industry professionals are working writers and filmmakers. Their reviews of your script are based on their professional experience. 🙂

Currently, we select our reviewers from the genre of your story. We will soon have a way for you to select the reviewer through a login account, which will allow you to communicate directly with your reviewer. 

Absolutely. We keep meticulous records of every transaction, and we require contractual agreements between us, the reviewers, and you. A signed Release Agreement for the work read is required. 

Yes, we work directly with industry producers and directors. Once you receive a “Recommend” rating we begin the process of taking you from writing the script to producing a movie, or television show.

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Get your script reviewed within 48 - 72 hours.


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